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Recommendations for the use of infrared thermometers


Although infrared thermometers have certain limitations, they still need to be improved and optimized. But for the current epidemic situation, it is still a convenient and highly efficient temperature measuring device. Therefore, it is very important to learn to use infrared thermometers correctly.

Experts suggest:

If you are an ordinary consumer——
1. Carefully read the manual of the thermometer and confirm the "body temperature" mode before use.
2. Medical electronic thermometer or infrared ear thermometer is preferred for home use, and ear canal should be cleaned before measurement.
3. Develop a good habit of daily monitoring of body temperature.

If you are a front-line worker of prevention and control——
1. If the body temperature is measured at the entrance, it is best to wait for the measured object to enter the room for a few minutes before measuring.
2. If you have been measuring body temperature outdoors at low temperatures, you may consider measuring a reference temperature with a non-heated person (such as yourself or a colleague), and use it as a reference. Once there is a significantly higher temperature than the reference temperature, immediately take a second measurement; or Use a warm baby that is not too hot to stick to the outside of the thermometer to help it maintain the temperature, but pay attention to replace the warm baby in time.
3. It is recommended to bring a medical electronic thermometer. Once an abnormal temperature is found, it is used for secondary confirmation.
4. Medical electronic thermometer must be disinfected with alcohol after use to avoid cross infection