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Notes on the process of measuring with non-contact infrared forehead thermometer

①Measurement location: directly at the position of the forehead eyebrow. (Can't stick to forehead)
②Skin requirements: Keep the forehead skin clean and dry, and avoid covering with hair and hat.
③Environmental requirements: Avoid direct sunlight. If the patient comes from a place with a large temperature difference from the measurement environment, the patient should rest at least 5 minutes in the test environment, and then measure when the temperature is consistent with the environment; such as the non-contact infrared thermometer When the place where the temperature difference of the environment to be tested is large is taken out and used, the non-contact infrared forehead thermometer should be placed in the test environment and used after 20 minutes.
④Effect of electricity: Insufficient electricity will affect its sensitivity and accuracy.

⑤ Regular calibration [4,5]. The traditional mercury thermometer is inexpensive and stable in performance. It is currently the most widely used temperature measurement tool in China and is recognized as the gold standard for temperature measurement.