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The portable infrared thermometer measures non-contact temperature

The portable infrared thermometer measures non-contact temperature of the human body by measuring the radiance of the eardrum or forehead. Just point the probe to the inner ear canal or forehead, press the measurement button, and the measurement data can be obtained in only a few seconds. It is very suitable for the preliminary screening of fever patients and the use of acute and critically ill patients, the elderly, infants and young children. [1] . Compared with traditional mercury thermometers, infrared thermometers have the advantages of simple operation, fast measurement, non-contact type, and data storage. The main disadvantages are:
① Keep the lens clean and dry;
②There should be no obstructions such as hair, sweat, earwax, etc. at the measurement site;
③Easily affected by ambient temperature;
④Electronic equipment is prone to aging and vulnerable to external interference;

⑤ Measuring distance is required.

It should be noted that the measurement positions of the forehead thermometer and the ear thermometer are different. In general, the forehead thermometer can only measure the frontal body temperature, and the ear thermometer can only measure the ear body temperature. Without special instructions, it is not recommended to frequent Re-measure the body temperature of the replacement part, and use the forehead thermometer to measure the neck, wrist, and ears are all incorrect measurement methods.