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Observe Chinese Manufacturing Industry From Mask Production


As we all know, since 2020, because of the epidemic, masks have become the most sought-after products in the world. Under the shroud of the epidemic, China's manufacturing industry also showed the strongest explosive power.

From the average daily production of more than 20 million masks before the epidemic, to the end of February, more than 20,000 masks can be produced per day. In just a few tens of days, the mask production capacity has increased by 10 times, which is a Chinese miracle.

But from the perspective of production strength, China's mask production capacity is large but not strong, only ranked in the third echelon.

Recently, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei pointed out in a comprehensive interpretation of "Made in China 2025" that global manufacturing can be divided into four echelons, and among the four echelons of global manufacturing, China is still in the third echelon, and said that This pattern is unlikely to change fundamentally in a short time. It takes at least another 30 years to become a manufacturing powerhouse.