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To intercept epidemic prevention materials, why are developed countries in such a hurry?

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, as of 00: 00 on March 30, Beijing time, there were 638146 confirmed cases and 30105 deaths of newly diagnosed pneumonia worldwide. Currently, 202 countries and regions in the world have had newly diagnosed pneumonia cases.  As the global epidemic situation is getting more and more severe, mask shortage and shortage of medical supplies are quite common in many countries.  An n95 mask has become "hard currency" with epidemic prevention supplies worn for at least five days. According to a report by CNN on the 28th, doctors in the emergency room of a hospital in Queens, new york, reported a shortage of personal protective supplies.  He said that due to the shortage of masks, they received a notice two days ago that an n95 mask should be worn for at least five days. The management also taught them how to prolong the service life of masks.  △ Photo source of St. Barnabas Hospital in new york: Bloomberg News reported earlier on the US "Business Insider" website that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc) suggested medical staff to "use homemade masks (such as headscarves and scarves) as a last resort" in order to cope with the shortage of masks without other protective equipment.a