Disposable Surgical Masks

The plastic strip of bridge of nose hides the side of bridge of nose. Disposable Surgical Masks are more suitable for all face types.Made of 3 layers of protection: non-woven outer layer, melt blown filter layer, skin friendly non-woven inner layer. Disposable Surgical Masks will not strain the ears.
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  • Face Mask Protective Gasket is used to filter the air entering the nose and mouth. Face Mask Protective Gasket prevents harmful gases, odors and water droplets from entering and leaving the wearer's nose and nose. Mainly divided into cotton masks, non-woven masks, polymer masks, activated carbon powder filter masks, and activated carbon fiber felt masks.

  • Surgical mask,sometimes called a medical mask, it protects people from the wearer’s respiratory emissions. (See below.) But it’s designed to protect against large droplets, splashes or sprays of bodily fluid or other type of fluid. Surgical masks are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.​

  • Disposable Face Mask has three layers, the finest hot rolled non-woven fabric as base, the middle layer for fine melt-blown non-woven fabric, after ultrasound pressure molding, pollen, dust can effectively filter harmful substances, such as dust particles diameter greater than 10 um can complete protection, dust-proof rate at 100%,effective rate of dust is above 97%..The following is about Disposable Face Mask related, I hope to help you better understand Disposable Face Mask.

  • Disposable surgical mask is made of 3 layers of protection ( non-woven outer layer + meltblown filter layer + skin friendly non-woven inner layer). Breathable and comfortable, low breathing resistance. Disposable surgical mask has high elastic flat ear straps will not strain the ears.

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